BAUSTOP thanks to a modern adjustable sensor, WOOF STOP detects a dog’s bark and curbs it with a quick & short spurt of water that strikes the animal and stifles its impulse to bark. After two or three irking sprays/jets, the dog stops barking in order to avoid them.
Your dog will not stop barking?
Click to find out BAUSTOP! The most
effective, quick and painless way to
silence your dog.
BAUSTOP is a revolutionary anti-bark
water-spraying applicable to kennels
(cages) of already existing any size and
shape. Applicable to small open spaces and
small gardens.
BAUSTOP is quick to install and easy
to use, follow the instructions and in
less than 10 minutes, will be operational.
BAUSTOP is designed to operate in the absence of network electricity and water. In fact it has an autonomous tank and a rechargeable battery.
BAUSTOP, the new Anti-Bark system, is an exclusive Cinotecnica.
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